Digibites Technology

Digibites is a young software development company located in the bustling metropolis of Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands. We are a small group of hands-on individuals with technical and business backgrounds working hard to make life easy for everyone. And we do mean everyone. Besides building company-wide solutions for businesses, we are also active in developing applications for everyday-users to help organize their lives and to be more efficient.

Humble beginnings

One day when the servers hosting their first project became overloaded, Chi-Ho and Siebe (founders of Digibites) realized that they might have something special on their hands. World of Logs was the result of sheer and utter frustration with the slow speed and inefficiency of the at-the-time available tools to analyze his World of Warcraft (WoW) player stats. Chi-Ho then decided to create his own web-tool to analyze his World of Warcraft game-play. The positive responses he received from members of his guild after using the tool, prompted the childhood friends, Siebe and Chi-Ho to share it on public gaming forums and soon after, the website exploded in popularity. They were the first to offer real-time player stats uploads with multiple filter options to display fancy graphs and tables so that WoW players can analyze their game play. The decision to start Digibites got started, and not long after, they were able to launch DigiCal as their first mobile application on the Android Platform.

Digibites Culture

We are a group of light-hearted individuals that want to get things done, simple as that. Do what needs to be done and most importantly, have fun doing it!

The terms ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ are not just fancy buzzwords that we throw around the Digibites office, we actually make it a point to expand our team with people of different backgrounds and we respect each other for our individual interests. Everyone can be themselves without fear of being snubbed in the wrong way and everyone is respected for their own individuality. We know that diversity fosters a much more creative environment which leads to a playing ground for ideas to mesh with one another, and that is where all the magic happens. We value teamwork, as our love and compassion for what we do makes us a strong and capable team.

We have open lines of communication and we encourage everyone in the team to get involved and contribute. We also want to empower everyone to assume responsibility from the get-go and take (calculated) risks. Besides learning from experience, we also provide everyone at Digibites training opportunities to keep their skills up to par with industry standards.

At Digibites we care about the well-being of the entire team and we understand that healthy, happy people ultimately result in a healthy, happy company. An extensive daily lunch is provided every day, our working hours are flexible and you are provided with the tools that you need to work with. Need an additional screen or prefer using a different mouse or keyboard? Not a problem. A bit tired from coding for hours on end? Take a well-deserved break in our massage chair.

Digibites Team

Chi Ho


With a background in Computer Science from Delft University, Chi-Ho enjoys gaming and believes that cooking is as much a science as it is an indulgence. Not one to put himself in the spotlight, he enjoys reading, watching American TV-series and Japanese anime and tapping away on his piano in his spare time.



Why ask Google when you can ask Siebe? When this Delft University graduate in Computer Science is not busy coding, our human encyclopedia enjoys taking his dog Lisa for long walks and to agility training classes on Saturdays. He enjoys taking his motorbike out for rides to the countryside and enjoys sailing when Dutch weather permits.


(Managing Director)

Albert is the go-to person on the Business Development side of Digibites. With two masters degrees from the Rotterdam School of Management under his belt, MSc Finance & MSc Strategic Management, he spends his time making sure all the cogs of Digibites are well-oiled and running smoothly. A foodie at heart, he enjoys food-shopping and travelling.


(Business Associate)

After following the top ranked MSc International Management/CEMS dual-master programme at the Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Sydney, Elmy went on to work for Google at their European headquarters in Dublin. She recently joined the Digibites team to head the HR department as well as help the team with managing some of their projects. She is inquisitive and is not afraid to ask the tough questions. In her spare time, she loves to experiment and try out new recipes.


(Marketing Associate)

Currently rounding off her MSc in Chinese Economy and Business at the Rotterdam School of Management, Cindy recently joined the Digibites team to support in all things marketing. The (very) talkative one, she enjoys putting herself in strange, new surroundings through travel and meeting people of a diverse range of backgrounds. In her spare time she can be found learning new languages and cooking up a multi-cultural feast in the kitchen.


(Support Associate)

Having graduated from his MSc in Finance from the Rotterdam School of Management Cheng joined Digibites to support our customers. He is the one that makes sure everything runs smoothly on the customer side by being the first point of contact with our DigiCal users when they need support, and helping users make the most of DigiCal. An introvert by heart, he enjoys playing racket sports such as badminton and squash as well as trading stocks and tossing the basketball around in his spare time.


We want to create outstanding products and for that we are always looking for enthusiastic and skilled developers to join our team. We currently have a small but efficient team with two developers who cover all the spots, with enough depth even for the trickiest bits, but we'd like to expand into a larger team to get more done. Everyone has his own speciality, we're looking forward to working with and learning from another great developer or designer, and we're willing to teach you all we know.

For applications: please send your CV or resume to careers@digibites.nl with a short motivation letter. We'll get back to you soon.

If you don't fit into one the roles below perfectly, don't worry, send us an email explaining why you'd like to join our team, your strengths and describe what your dream position would be.

Android Developer

One of our main products is DigiCal, and as we're always extending and improving it, we can always use some extra man power. You'll be working closely with our two developers to make DigiCal even better.

For this position, these are the tools and techniques we use:

  • Java, and the Android SDK. In depth knowledge is required, a lot of our views, view groups and layouts are custom crafted just for our app. We also backport quite a bit from newer Android versions for compatibility reasons, and regularly dive deep into the platform sources to see what changed in AOSP, finding bug root causes and workarounds for OEM ROM bugs.
  • Android Studio. It's a requirements since everyone switched to aar dependencies and gradle builds.
  • Date & Time calculations. We recently switched to JSR310 to make this part a bit simpler, but getting date and times right is still magic.
  • Good taste in designs and ability to work with Adobe's tools is a pre. A beautiful design is just as important as functionality and stability.
  • Using web API's with OkHTTP/Retrofit. The weather, analytics, geocoder and Google Places services are built upon this.
  • And our web services are served via a Python/Django/PostgreSQL stack, experience with these tools is a pre.

Web developer

As a web developer, your focus will be on all things web inside our company. As described shortly above, one of our projects is World of Logs, a data analysis web application. Then there's this website, which has a few plain web pages, but it also hosts the the API's powering DigiCal's weather integration, custom analytics and the promotional key licensing system (using Google-OAuth2 + device pairing codes).

The scope of this position is a bit fuzzy, as it depends on your own skill set and interests - you can choose to focus on the front-end - design, css, and scripting, or dive into the backend and serve JSON instead, or a combination of both. Not all the skills listed below are required, but having a broad experience and willing to learn will help a lot. Once upon a time, we've started with PHP/MySQL too, and learned everything along the way. These are the tools and techniques we use in this role:

  • From bare metal up: vSphere, Debian/Ubuntu LTS.
  • Python + Django + PostgreSQL as web stack. We extend Django by switching to Jinja2 as our template system, and as for the ORM, we've recently made the switch to SQLAlchemy for parts of our tables for more complex features. There are also SQL-ASCII-arts in the projects using things not available in the ORM, like windowing functions and conditional updates over large data sets. General knowledge of these tools is required, and in-depth experience with the inner workings is a pre.
  • Skill in Java and algorithms is a big pre. The World of Logs backend is slightly complex as everyone wants to look at their own data set, and serving 1k+ concurrent data sets with 300MB .csv each is a nice challenge for speed and memory optimization. The file format is optimized for both speed and compressibility, based on a custom binary encoding to reduce entropy, then encoded with LZMA2 @ fast to get a good trade off for size vs decoding complexity. The in memory format is something special too, fast to access sequentially and randomly, but also compact to reduce the need for -Xmx9999G or a ton of cluster nodes. We also dived deep into the JVM, for things like -XX:ThreadPriorityPolicy=666, tuning the GC with a page full of flags (you can find Chi-Ho on the hotspot-gc-use mailing list), and the time when we tracked down root cause of a NIO + CMS + -XX:ExplicitGcInvokesConcurrent performance issue and created a test case that started JDK bug 6919638.
  • Enough about the low level stuff. On top of this, we tend to inject a lot of JSON literals in the web pages and let .js / .ts take care of the data presentation. When we started WoL, jQuery just reach 1.0 and writing Javascript is a pain in the backside. Nowadays, new pages are written with Bootstrap providing base CSS and JS, and Typescript for our custom code.
  • Pre: experience with the newer web frameworks, like Angular, Polymer, and knowing their strengths and weaknesses. We don't actually use any of these yet, but WoL is pending a redesign and we might just switch up everything completely if it makes our lives easier.
  • Pre: not really dev related - but let us know if you've worked with automatic deployment tools. Currently, we scale up rather than out, which is fine for a few million users, but add more than a zero and we'll need to figure out something else. We are literally dev and ops, but we don't devops very well, still doing manual deployments.

Web & app designer

The job of a web & app designer is to create great looking and functional designs for our (web and Android) apps, using both pen & paper and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and later on, implementing them in mockups and ready to use html/css templates.

For the full time job variant, you'll need to combine it with a bit of the other two roles, as we don't have 40h/week of pure designing, yet, the coders can't keep up with that. If you can manage writing views in Python/Jinja2 or making your creation show up on a phone with the Android layout XML files and code, it will be great.

Skills you should have in this role:

  • In-depth understanding of HTML and CSS is a must, because CSS is "awesome". Being able to use Bootstrap is a start, but able to fix issues that inevitably will show up is better (@!#$% flex-wrap -> ooh. &after:content: " " -> fixed) Knowledge of the display modes, positioning, tricks and pitfalls of floats, and much more. Oldskool, but do you csszengarden?
  • Skill in front end scripts is also a must nowadays, gone are the times when a PSD is your final deliverable. Javascript, Coffeescript, GWT, we've used them all but nowadays we keep it to just Typescript and Javascript.
  • Experience with designing both vector and raster art, with Adobe tools or something else if you prefer that.
  • Experience in other roles is a pre. You'll be working closely with the app developer and the front-end developer, it's a plus if you can see things from their point of view.


We're interested in offering an internship for the Web & App design and Front-end developer tracks. We haven't set specific scope boundaries for it yet, but if you can come with a research assignment (nl: onderzoeksopdracht), let us have a look and we can work out the details together.

What we offer is an internship where you can build up a lot of real world working experience and turbo-level your skills, working directly with our co-founders Siebe and Chi-Ho as your mentor and colleague. Except for pure technical skills, you'll also get to know our productivity and management tools like bug tracking and sprint planning with Jira, estimating and tracking time and cost of features, reporting progress, etc.