7 Calendar views

These 7 fresh and clean Material Design customizable calendars in Light & Dark theme gives you flexibility in adjusting the way you want your calendar to look.

Syncs with all your calendars

DigiCal syncs with all calendar servers that are supported on the Android platform, so just add your preferred calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Exchange) and all your events will be synced to DigiCal.

6 Widget views

Select the widget that best suits your preference for a quick view into your agenda for the day, week or month.

Weather forecast

Free & premium subscription

We offer two versions: free and premium subsciption. As a free DigiCal or DigiCal+ user, the free weather forecast is already intergrated in your calendar and widget views.

If you would like to get an extended 14-day weather forecast, with more insight into weather developments, you can subscribe for the premium weather subscription.

Location search & image match

Our unique built-in location search allows you to just type in the name of a place and it will automatically fill in the address for you. Integration with Google Now means that it can keep an eye on traffic, plan your route and notify you when you should leave to arrive on time.

27 languages

Available in 27 languages for our dedicated users from around the world

event pop-up

In selected calendar views, you can smoothly go through your events without having to open the event window

improved notifications

Event notifications are displayed along with shortcuts for snooze, maps and navigation