Year view with heat map

The year view features a heat map for easily spotting free/busy periods in your calendar and jumping a few months or years ahead will be a breeze with this new view.

Change font sizes & hide week numbers in calendar views

Adjusting the text size and hiding the week numbers are super handy features for devices with limited screen space so all events are still visible no matter what device you are using.

Beautiful month and month calendar widgets

A complete overview of your appointments visualized in a beautiful month and month calendar widget. Just one quick look tells you which days are fully booked and which days are still free for more appointments. It is also possible to add these convenient widgets on your lock screen so that you don’t even need to unlock your phone to view your appointments.

Configure background colors and transparency using the color picker for the widgets

With the color picker you are able to customize the look of your widget in any way you like! You can adjust all colors of the widget, including the color of the background, header, fonts etc. Besides using the preview of the ColorPicker, you can also enter the exact color due using hex codes.

Select which calendars to be displayed on your widgets

If you have multiple calendars that are synced, you can choose per widget which calendars you want to see. You can choose to see everything the same way that you have selected in the DigiCal calendar view or you can create multiple widgets to display different calendars. The choice is up to you!

Extra theme pre-sets and font size pre-sets

In addition to being able to fully adjust all colors to your liking, you can also make use of the preset themes that we have set for you! There are 3 themes for the guys and for the ladies we have 4 special themes designed with them in mind.

Customize text size and font style in the widgets

With DigiCal+ you can adjust your widget text size and font style to your liking.

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